Wedding Cake Prices and Information

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Cakes For All Occasions promise to make the day spectacular moment in your life.                                                     

Every wedding cake we make is individually designed to suit your requirements.                                                     

Our  Wedding Gallery gives examples of our contemporary and colourful designs. Any of the wedding  cakes can be adapted to suit your own themes and colour schemes. Wedding cake can be made in any colour combination and decorated with:

  • delicately hand crafted sugar flowers,
  • intricate piping,
  • extension work,
  • fun and funky patterns,
  • modelling, and much more

 Our Wedding cakes are bespoke designs. We can either design something new or you can choose a design from our Portfolio. If you choose a wedding cake from our portfolio, we can, if you need, change colours flowers to suit your own themes.   

Our sophisticated designs in traditional or modern cakes bring your dream of celebration into reality. Our aim is your satisfaction as with previous customers. We look forward to hear from you. Please call us for enquires on 07962175197.


 Wedding cake prices start at...

  • 2 tier  Wedding cake prices start from £ 70 
  • 3 tier Wedding cake prices start from £ 165 4" 6" 8")
  • 4 tier Wedding cake prices start from £ 250 ( 4" 6" 8" 10")

cakes for all occasions cake strip

wedding cake 328Sugar Drap and Red Floral Spray Wedding Cake 

Traditional Style Wedding Cake



Isabella classic wedding cake £ 465 (4"6" 8" 10")  

Vintage Birdcage







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Emerson Green, Bristol, BS16 7BJ


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